Seminar «Antioffshore changes and features of international tax planning»
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Seminar «Antioffshore changes and features of international tax planning»

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The seminar will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the consequences of the scandal with the Panama offshore companies?
  • How to build a scheme of work with a foreign bank that would solve the problems with foreign exchange controls?
  • Are there any new schemes of work without offshore? What reasonable alternatives to Panama and Cyprus?
  • How to build inheritance assets?
  • Should we turn a blind eye to some of the trends?
Seminar program (Duration 4 hours)

1. Changes to the international tax law and the basic tendencies of international tax planning:

1.1. BEPS plan and its implementation;
1.2. The trend of disclosure of beneficial owners. EU Directives and their implementation. A public register of supervisory persons in UK from 2016;
1.3. The automatic exchange of tax information according to a common standard automatic exchange of information (CRS);
1.4. Substance as a new tax planning requirement.

2. Ukrainian legislation regulates the work of non-residents:

2.1. Tax Code of Ukraine, the analysis of the main items of regulating work with foreign companies;
2.2. Rules of exchange controls and the current foreign exchange restrictions;
2.3. To disclose the beneficial owners’ rights;
2.4. Licensing of Currency Operations;
2.5. Signs of fraudulent deals;
2.6. Transfer pricing rules (brief analysis of the application of the rules);
2.7. Practical aspects of proving the beneficial recipient of income.

3. Analysis of schemes of work with the consideration of tax jurisdictions features:

3.1. Trading companies in the EU: new tax challenges;
3.2. Investment schemes, loans, royalties and gross costs;
3.3. Scheme of holding and taking into account changes to the legislation;
3.5. Scheme of the confidential ownership analysis of possible instruments on viability;
3.6. Trusts and foundations as a way of building inheritance scheme;
3.7. Features of construction schemes for electronic commerce: taxation and the right structure;
3.8. Copyright and royalties: Features of construction and payments using copyright.

4. Bank of non-resident company, the new requirements:

4.1. Rules for identification and control of the beneficiary;
4.2. Indicators of suspicious transactions according to bank procedures;
4.3. Review of Banks and features opening accounts (Latvia, Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hong Kong);
4.4. Alternative currency, payments using electronic money;
4.5. Service fiduciary deposit bank selection jurisdiction, rates and basic conditions of banks.


07 February 2017
10:00 - 11:00
Price 700 USD
Str. Antonovich, 72/74 Show on the map
+38 (044) 451-50-50
-418Days -14Hours -56Minutes -50Seconds
Remaining 7 seats out of 7
Krasilnikov Yuriy – expert on corporate reconfiguration of tax planning, working experience in Big Four, the author of the articles in « Intercourier», «Segodnya», «Fakty» and other editions; the participant of forums and conferences with Adam Smith and Marcus Evans. At the seminar you can ask all your questions and get the answers from the practicing lawyers!!! You’ll get the direct contacts with experts on the area you are interested in.