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Our team

Yuriy Krasilnikov


Has extensive experience in international business, specializes in corporate restructuring and tax planning

Sergey Frolov

Managing partner

He specializes in support of mergers and acquisitions, as well as other issues in the areas of corporate law and international trade

Alexander Matveev


Specializes in legal protection from criminal persecution, building a corporate security system, as well as on legal aspects of business crimes and dispute resolution

Nataliia Riazanova


Candidate of Law, Corporate Law Specialist, Patent Attorney with experience in intellectual property protection for more than 13 years

Svitlana Husakova

Head of the office in Prague

Highly qualified lawyer with more than 10 years of professional experience. Expert in international corporate law

Olena Kamenetska

Senior Lawyer

She has experience in banking and financial law. She is an expert on issues related to copyright and currency control.

Rolan Bondarets

Lawyer in tax disputes

Has 15 years of experience in the field of law. Specializes in tax and corporate law, has extensive judicial practice in these areas

Dmitriy Batrakov


He has 10 years of experience in corporate, civil and labor law. Specializes in the selection of various payment solutions for non-residents, work with foreign banks, as well as immigration law issues

Alexey Rabyshko


Has 16 years of experience in the provision of legal services, including 4 years of work in managerial positions (director of a law firm). Since 2005, the lawyer

Olena Vydysh


Specialist in international and Ukrainian corporate law. Among the successful cases are projects on working with gambling and forex companies

Galina Gubareva

Lawyer Incorporator

A professional in international corporate law with 10 years of experience. Specializes in the opening and support of foreign companies

Роман Кревский

Adviser on work with banks

Professional experience in the banking sector exceeds 9 years. The rich practice of working with foreign banks.

Viacheslav Ivanenko

Manager of work with banks

Спеціаліст зі стажем роботи в банківській сфері (в тому числі в іноземних банках) більше 7 років. Володіє багатим практичним досвідом проведення compliance-процедур, роботи з AML / CFT і KYC стандартами

Natalia Petrenko

Assistant leader

Has 5 years of experience in accounting. Certificates of various advanced training courses are available.

Екатерина Зданевич

Assistant to the lawyer

Specialist in accounting. Certificates of various advanced training courses are available.

Olena Tkachuk


Specialist in the field of Internet marketing, marketing of start-ups, SMM and PR. Permanent speaker of profile conferences, presentations, and master classes. The experience of professional activity exceeds 10 years

Mila Pozniakovska


Engaged in writing advertising and news content for the company's website. Has 5 years of experience in journalism and copywriting, including web-copywriting and copywriting for the media

Kateryna Bilous


Professional experience - more than 3 years, including web design, mobile application design and graphic design

Arthur Zakharov


Highly qualified IT-specialist with more than 3 years of experience in the field of web development

Yana Filatova


Specializes in the translation of articles, blogs and texts from Russian into English and vice versa. Has experience in teaching English as well as simultaneous translation