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Citizenship of Great Britain

Citizens of many countries dream of living in Great Britain - a country of stability and conservatism. This is the place where cultural life and education flourish. Favorable conditions for doing business attract the attention of citizens from other countries, that is why investors seek to obtain residence permit in the UK, with the opportunity to become a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Two important programs are prepared for foreigners here, allowing immigrants to invest and obtain the status of a resident. In accordance with them, the following visas can be opened:

  • entrepreneur’s visa;
  • investor’s visa

Investor's Visa

The investors who have the opportunity to invest in the economy of the state 1 million British pounds and more, can open a visa type Tier 1 Investor. Visa can be opened for the members of the investor’s family.

After investing the minimum amount of 1 million British pounds, visa is opened for three years and four months. In the future, it can be extended for two years.

Main advantages:

  • investor does not need to confirm that he has the necessary means to stay;
  • business plan is also not required;
  • there is no need to prove that the investor knows the state language.

The investor’s visa gives prospects for obtaining permanent residence and obtaining the citizenship of Great Britain. Terms for the resolution of permanent residence depend on the amount of investment:

  • the amount of deposits from 1 to 5 million pounds allows you to obtain permanent residence after 5 years, and citizenship - for the sixth year;
  • the amount of up to 10 million pounds guarantees the registration of permanent residence in 3 years, you can become a citizen of the country for the fifth year;
  • the size of the investment of 10 million or more, the permission for permanent residence is provided after 2 years, and the acquisition of citizenship in four years.

Immigration rules do not create restrictions for investors. In addition to their own savings, they can use credit funds. British banks that hold a license from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) provide loans to immigrants. At the same time, they show loyalty to their clients and allow assessing the future investor’s well-being, taking into account the financial income of a husband or wife.

Requirements for issuing an investor’s visa:

  1. A potential investor must have cash in the amount of 1 million pounds. The minimum amount 750 thousand pounds must be paid into the economy of the country. This can be done in two ways:
    • acquiring shares of the UK companies, bonds (corporate or government);
    • investing in companies that are registered in Britain and work for its benefit.

    Not accepted:

    • deposit funds;
    • investment through offshore;
    • contributions to real estate;
    • acquisition of shares of construction companies.
  2. The depositor is allowed to deposit finance and acquire real estate for the remaining 250 thousand pounds.
  3. Investors should not work. They also do not receive social benefits.

Entrepreneur’s visa

A visa of the type Tier 1 Entrepreneur opens to its owners the opportunity to register a business in the UK and purchase an existing organization or its shares. When opening a visa, residence permits can be issued for the husband or wife of the investor and children until the age of 18.

The necessary requirements for the issuance of an entrepreneur’s visa:

  • Money of the entrepreneurs should be at least 2 thousand pounds. They must be kept in the account of a British bank located on the territory of the country. The candidates for visa can obtain this amount from the relatives or other persons.
  • Knowledge of English.
  • The entrepreneur is obliged to provide information confirming the existence of savings for living (at least £ 1,800 per person). It is not allowed to attract financial investments for this purpose.

A visa is opened for a year, and in order to extend the status of an entrepreneur, a report on the activities of the organization is mandatory. You can get permanent residence for the fifth year. A visa provides an opportunity to live and work in the country.

Since January 2014, the British government announced the decision to sell residence permits at auctions. It is assumed that annually a hundred visas will be put up for the auctions. Entrepreneurs can apply for residence permit for the third year of residence. And they do not need to know English for this. They can also bring relatives in the UK.

Great Britain's Corporate Law

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