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About company

The law firm "Finance Business Service" was established in 2006 and unites professionals in the field of corporate, foreign and civil law, as well as highly qualified specialists in the field of audit and accounting services. We work in 50+ jurisdictions, we cooperate with 100 banks around the world, 3 offices in Kiev, London and Prague operate.

Our strategy:

  • Providing the quickest and most reliable services on opening and running offshores;
  • Ensuring the highest standards of service;
  • Ensuring the highest level of confidentiality to our clients.


  • registration;
  • sale of shelf offshores (previously registered companies);
  • registration of Ukrainian enterprises;
  • local registered agents and registered office;
  • nominee directors;
  • nominee shareholders;
  • renewal of offshore registration;
  • legalization of offshore documents in accordance with the international standards;
  • opening of current bank accounts;
  • obtaining credit / debit cards;
  • getting OFFSHORE MERCHANT ACCOUNT (accounts for accepting credit cards);
  • mail forwarding;
  • development of offshore schemes;
  • registration of trademarks;
  • registration of representative offices.

Our values

  • Reliability We never let our partners down, and our partners treat us in the same manner.
  • Reputation We have gained a good reputation in the market due to our activities and attitude to clients. We make every effort to be a leader of the Ukrainian business.
  • Professionalism The key to success in today’s market is a high level of knowledge and experience. True professionals are the driving force for leadership.
  • Effectiveness Improving performance of the business is one of our main goals.
  • Trust The key to success is good relations with partners and clients. We can say with confidence that Finance Business Service is a trustworthy company.
  • Spirituality Different religions historically coexist in Ukraine. We respect all religions with no priorities.
  • People People are our core value. Finance Business Service is proud of all its specialists and strives to do everything to make people feel cared.
  • Effective management Experienced and energetic managers of the company effectively operate the company.
  • Partners Our company is grateful to our partners and clients for their trust and loyalty.
  • Leadership Finance Business Service strives to be a leader.

Why our choose?

The Finance Business Service – is an international consulting company offering services in the field of tax planning, auditing and consulting. The company operates in Europe, America and Asia. In the list of services that we provide is not only the opening of companies in almost 40 countries around the world, here you get the quality advice on the selection of partnership for your specific tasks.
  • We do not offer a standard solutions, we will create a tailor-made solution for each of our customer.
  • Besides the opening of the company you will be able to choose the most appropriate way to manage your company.
  • We provide the quality legal and audit support of your companies.
  • Privacy of our customers are not just empty words for us.
  • We provide consultations on selection of the Bank and hold the bank’s operations around the world.
  • Our experts monitor the changes in the legislation of all served jurisdictions and timely inform customers and partners.
For Finance Business Service company is precious each client, be sure of it!

How to start?

6 recommendations on how do offshore companies work

  1. Consult an expert. You’ve decided to buy an offshore company. You looked through lots of websites and now you know exactly what do you want. Don’t be in a hurry to make a purchase. The legislation of the offshore jurisdiction is changing, not to mention the Ukrainian law. Also it is necessary to understand the scheme of work with company. For that very reason the opinion of an expert is essential. Major client-respecting enterprises do not sell the company without preliminary consulting. If the marketing is organized like a hot-dog sale, run away from such poor advisers as fast as you can. We often give our customers an example of purchasing a car when they buy offshore company. Will you define more precisely the specifications, opinions and references, take a test drive before spending your money? So, why are you looking on your business instrument in a different way? Believe it or not, there are a lot of difficulties in purchasing the company.
  2. Versatile companies do not exist. Very often our clients want to provide for every eventuality of company’s utilization. For example, if you have purchased a commercial or trade company, and as its owner want to make the most of it: use in the ownership schemes, in operations at the equity market and finally as a cash-box. A legal entity established that satisfies all these requirements and at the same time is being protected by specific legislation which guarantees a status of partial or full tax exemption, does not exist. Of course, there are some variants of bigger usage. But completely tax-free jurisdiction for all lines of business does not obtain at all. That’s why you need to purchase a company according to the current tasks. If new tasks appear, you can always build a new work plan. Let’s return to the analogy with car. Buying a car you choose between speed, practicability, carrying capacity. Choosing the one quality, you’ve missed in another. For example, you’ve bought a truck. You can carry heavy loads, but you can’t take part in auto racing. There is no sense in searching multipurpose version that might solve all the tasks.
  3. Is it correct to use nominee service? The nominee service must be used in work with nonresident companies. During the registration process you need to define the person who can take a responsibility to be the nominee director or the stockholder. Firstly, this man must not be detected in any blacklist, secondly, he must really exist, and finally, due to this man you have the right to get the owner’s passport copies and remittance orders for public services. When you are working with nonresident company, a nominee director is ready to make a list of options. For example, to sign a contract or invoice, to give an information (for registration in payment system) etc. These questions you need to discuss during the registration process.
  4. Choose the right bank. First of all beware of purchase the company with current bank balances. If you open a company bank account without fixing a person who can manage of account, you can be sure that the account and management is incorporated to nominee director. Even if you were offered to get a full package of bank keys. Actually there’s nothing to prevent the manager to order one more key package or draw out money personally. The bank must be chosen in agreement with the company tasks. We advise to use the one bank for business administration, and another for permanent money storage. A whole number of banks open an account distantly without visiting, another banks demand an obligatory visit to bank or its representative office. Clarify the time-frame of opening the account on the consultation with your adviser.
  5. The book-keeping. As a rule, people don’t give the accounting statements for in offshore companies. To the state treasury of registration country you pay only duty per year. You pay it for prolongation of the company term. But there are full number of jurisdictions where you have to submit your report (often auralized). During the registration process define clearly will your company submit annual report or not. If the answer is yes, you can keep the books by yourself and then pass the primary documentation to the certified public accountant. You can use as alternative services of auditor or accountant in the country of registration.
  6. Taxation planning. Before manage the affairs by the use of the offshore company it is necessary to count all possible taxes that can appear. We recommend examining accurately in money streams between the companies, and then defining the centers with minimal taxation, and transfer much profit to these centers. It is one of the main principles of international tax planning.
Except the previously mentioned method it is important to take into account the international agreement between countries that participate in that scheme.

Who needs an offshore company

If your activity or plans are connected with at least one of the following points, it is necessary for you to know more information about an offshore:
  • Do you need to hide your real top manager’s property or other assets?
  • Are you planning to attract investment to your own business project?
  • Is your company occupied with the foreign-economic activity?
  • Are you going to sell or buy ready-made business?
  • Are you going to sell or buy elite immovable property or luxury goods?
  • Are you about to use trademarks of global brands?
  • Do you import goods from Europe, Asia and other countries?
  • Have you heard about foreign reinvestment?
  • Are you working with franchise or are you going to?
  • Do you want to insure against raider capture?
  • Do you develop your business for the purpose of sale?
  • Do you have a necessity to optimize tax expense of your company?
Our company knows all effective answers to these and similar questions. Consultation in our company’s office helps you to define clearly what kind of offshore company you need

Client confidentiality!

When working with legal company, every customer should ask about observance of confidentiality of information. A business holder ought to understand that correct work of lawyer and auditor is a guarantee of the documentary and informational preservation, the advocacy of information from being transferred to the third party, or from disclosure of this information verbally without consent of its possessor. The confidentiality of information is an essential work facet of company Finance Business Service Company takes care of the client information being protected accurately. Now it is impossible to register a company without supplying information about the beneficiary in spite of it is an offshore or not. Actually such information is provided even under nominee service. The registrator will keep all the material, information will not be transferred to the third party, and there are some exceptions in case of international law breaking (at that time information is supplied in the context of judicial procedure). All these rigid requirements have been in existence according to international law, which is aimed at launder money control, and it is unreal to evade them. That’s why our company is only a middleman at information transfer process, even so the material and the documentary are not kept in office, and we immediately transmit them directly to the registrator. When the registration process is finished, we at once deliver the documents to our client, we don’t preserve the documentary in office. Contact with customer is hold at the company’s office or by means of secure communication channels. Before the registration our customer signs a privacy policy agreement. Now you see the confidentiality of company’s registration and all these arrangements, warranted by legislation, ensure high level of clients’ security.