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Tax planning (legal minimization of tax expenses)

Tax planning is an integral component of the management of the company's finances which enables to minimize the tax liabilities as much as possible, without violating the law. The base of tax planning is the construction of an optimal business model with the correct and full use of all benefits and privileges provided by the legislation, as well as taking into account the current changes in the tax, budgetary and investment policies of the state. The effectiveness of the optimization of the tax costs is in its universality: saving on taxes will bring a tangible positive result, regardless of the scope of the company.

The Finance Business Service team offers you a wide range of services in the field of tax planning: from creating an optimal model of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise to its application in practice with full information support and providing detailed consultations on all issues.

What do we suggest?

Internal tax planning for the groups of the companies.
Support of investment projects.
Advising on taxation in Ukraine and abroad
Tax management of particular transactions.
Obtaining individual explanations and conclusions of tax authorities.
International tax planning.

Our Advantages

A strong team of highly qualified specialists with experience of more than 13 years.
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A strong team of highly qualified specialists. Tax planning in the Finance Business Service is a well-coordinated work of experienced financiers, accountants, economists and lawyers to build a reliable, long-term, effective and legally protected business model.
Tax planning "on a turn-key basis".
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Tax planning "on a turn-key basis". We not only provide separate, "one-time" services (monitoring of news in the field of tax legislation, support of the investment transaction, preparation of reports, etc.), but we also carry out complex tax planning. As a result of such cooperation, the entrepreneurs receive a reliable scheme for optimizing the tax costs and sustainable taxation strategies.
Weekly monitoring of regulatory legal acts of more than 60 jurisdictions.
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Weekly monitoring of regulatory legal acts of more than 60 jurisdictions. We monitor changes in the tax legislation of all jurisdictions served and inform our clients timely about them. Being always up to date with the latest news in the field of taxation, we are looking for and find the new "loopholes" in the legislation as the ways of lawful minimization of the tax expenses.
Individual solutions taking into account the industry specificity (wholesale and retail trade, international transport, IT, pharmaceutics, agriculture, construction, financial sphere).
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Individual solutions taking into account the industry specificity. The wide and productive experience in the field of tax planning allows us to try the ready-made and proven "patterns" of optimization on the client's company, depending on the field of activity (agriculture, construction, pharmaceutics, IT business, advertising, banking, etc.). Or, at the request of the customer, we develop an individual mechanics for a specific enterprise, taking into account all its features.

Our practice

Rolan Bondarets
Leading lawyer in tax disputes

Settlement of tax disputes - in practice
Experts Finance Business Service more than seven years in the market of legal services provide legal ...

Meeting with the client.

Meeting with the client
Making an analysis of the situation in order to identify the tax risks.
Implementation of the developed taxation optimization scheme.
Analysis of tax problems and formulation of the task for the development of a taxation optimization scheme.
Selection of the main tools for the implementation of tax planning.
Development of a taxation optimization scheme.
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