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Legal and Consulting Services for IT companies

The competent and timely legal support plays an important role in the development of a successful IT business. The company Finance Business Service offers a wide range of legal and consulting services related to the investment, optimization of taxation, protection of intellectual property, transaction support and other important aspects of IT companies. Due to many years of experience, we can offer both ready-made solutions, proven in practice by the leaders of the information technology market, and developed individually for you. When building business models and drafting contracts, we take into account the current trends in the IT field, as well as all tax and civil risks of the economic activities of the profile companies.

What we offer:

Structuring business with the selection of jurisdictions and dislocations for the implementation of various tasks
Proper building of the share capital structure
Registration of the relations between the shareholders of the companies (shareholder agreement, agreement on contributions)
Making user agreements for the company's products taking into account the best world practices
Development of bonus and motivational policies for the team members
Assistance with obtaining a new citizenship or retirement from the Ukrainian one
Consultations on payment instruments and integrations
Legal support when working with the investors (trust companies, venture funds, accelerators, incubators)
Registration of the copyright objects around the world and formation of a protection strategy with their use
Consultations and drafting of contracts for the transfer of copyright for the code, design and other intellectual property to the employer
Legal support for reaching IPO
Legal support for reaching ICO
Consultations on the regulatory and legal regulation of the activities in Ukraine and in more than 60 countries (through our proven partners in these countries)
Conducting Due diligence of IP objects

Our projects:

Legal support on the selection of jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license by IT company

We were addressed by a client - an IT company working in the field of developing online gambling - with the purpose of selecting the jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license in order to launch its own online casino. Based on the wishes of the client, the FBS lawyers have worked in more than five jurisdictions, including Malta, Belize, Isle of Man and others. The specialists prepared a number of conclusions and also held a meeting with the client in order to choose the best option. At the moment the client has ordered a full legal support service for the process of obtaining a gambling license in the selected jurisdiction which includes opening a company and a bank account, as well as collecting and receiving documents for the submission to the competent authority.

Organization of business in the field of online gambling

The client asked the FBS to help him organize his gambling business. He developed his own virtual game, assuming acceptance of money bets, as well as a marketing strategy, then he needed understanding how to implement his start-up while remaining in the legal field. Since the legislation of Ukraine prohibits gambling (including on the Internet), our task was to find another jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming license, the mandatory requirements for which were accessibility and simplicity of the procedure for obtaining a license, as well as a low tax burden. After much work on collecting and analyzing the information, we made a choice in favor of the island of Curacao. Despite a number of advantages of this jurisdiction, we faced such a problem as the inability to open a merchant account for direct card acquiring in the name of a gambling company. The situation was solved by using the already registered European company of the client as the founder of the company in Curacao and opening a merchant account in its name.

Development of a shareholder agreement

Our client, a large online retailer, had a need to structure the relations between the shareholders from different jurisdictions. It was impossible to resolve this task within the framework of the Ukrainian legislation, therefore, the lawyers of the Finance Business Service selected the optimal jurisdiction for the parent company of the holding. Then the shareholders agreement was developed. This agreement allowed to fixate the agreement between the shareholders, to protect the rights and obligations of each of them and to resolve the issue of phased investment in the project with the subsequent increase in the share of the investor.

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