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Legal Support of Agricultural Business

The long-term experience in providing the services to the agricultural companies and deep understanding of the specifics of doing agricultural business allows us to allocate this industry as one of the priority in the work of the FBS. Nowadays, when the European integration opens up the great prospects to the Ukrainian agrarians for the development in the international market, such issues as high export taxes, lack of financial resources for the development and borrowed funds, check of the scrupulosity of counterparties, joining the international organizations conducting arbitration and regulating the activities of agro-traders are particularly topical for them. The Finance Business Service offers its customers a wide range of services aimed at solving a particular problem and it also provides full legal support.

Our services:

Tax optimization for trade transactions and structuring of transactions with the participation of non-resident companies
Consultations on debt and share financing (Ukrainian and foreign banks, investment funds, private investors)
Legal due diligence of agroholdings, individual enterprises and facilities
Business structuring and restructuring of existing companies
Registration of copyright objects worldwide and building of a protection strategy with their use
Protection of assets, business and real estate
Consultations on regulatory and legal regulation of activities in Ukraine and more than 60 foreign countries
Insurance of risks
Accompanying of accession to the international trade associations, such as:
- Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)
- Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association (FOSFA)
- the Sugar Association of London
- The Nut Association
- Federation of Cocoa Commerce.

Our projects:

Accompany of the purchase and sale transaction

The client applied to the company Finance Business Service for getting advice on the issue of legal support for the deal to buy back the assets of an agrarian company. At the moment of appeal, the assets were owned by the bank. Having analyzed the similar transactions, the company's lawyers offered the client the optimal solution with minimal risks for him.

Attracting financing

The Finance Business Service provided the client with advice on attracting the investments from a foreign financial institution on the security of assets in the territory of Ukraine. To implement this task, the specialists conducted an audit of a resident company and developed a restructuring scheme. After the implementation of the scheme, the client received a vertically structured model with a holding company abroad. The investor acquired a part of the company's corporate rights in exchange for the investment.

Accompany of transaction for obtaining trade financing

A large agro-trader applied to the Finance Business Service to increase the company's turnover. The specialists conducted a series of negotiations with the banks on the implementation of trading finance schemes. After approving the necessary requirements with the bank, the client was offered a scheme of work which allowed to obtain trade financing under optimal conditions.

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