Corporate tax in 2016

UK - The Corporation Tax main rate for 1 April 2016 is set at 20%. This rate will fall to 19% for the year beginning 1 April 2017, and to 18% for the year beginning 1 April 2020.

Hong Kong - Profits tax levied at rate of 16,5% for companies carrying on business in Hong Kong (and 15% for unincorporated businesses) on relevant income earned in or derived from Hong Kong.

Ireland - Standard corporation tax rate on trading income is 12,5% and 25% on non-trading income.

Cyprus - Corporate tax rate is 12,5%. Certain types of income subject to Special Contribution for Defense at rates of 17%(dividends), 30%(interest) and 3%(rents).

Latvia – Rate is 15%.

Belize - All non-CARICOM residents, who have any taxable receipts originating from Belize, or in respect of any service provided in Belize, are required to pay business taxes as follows: Dividends - 15%, Insurance Premiums - 25%, Interest on Loans - 15%, Management fees - 25%, Rental of plant and equipment - 25%, Technical Services - 25%.

British Virgin Islands - No income tax.

United Arab Emirates - Income tax decrees currently enforced on oil and gas companies and branches of foreign banks. Oil and gas companies subject to rates of 50%55%, depending on Emirate.

Panama - Standard rate is 25% of net income, alternative minimum tax is 1,17% of gross taxable income.

Seychelles - Taxable income up to Seychelles revenue commission (SCR) 1 million taxed at 25%, income above SCR 1 million taxed at 33%. Businesses with turnover below SCR 1 million taxed at 1,5% on turnover, unless they opt for normal regime. Special rates apply to certain businesses.

Czech Republic - Rate is 5% for basic investment funds and 0% for pension funds (with certain exemptions).

Estonia - rate is 20%.

Author: Sergey Panov

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