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British electronic tax reporting has achieved concessions



The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group has said, that millions of British taxpayers, who do not have access to the Internet can not comply with the requirements of HM Revenue and Customs, which offered obligatory online reporting rules.

Also, this group of tax reform urged the government to make concessions to give a guarantee to people who not necessarily use online technology or have no Internet access, to have alternative options for accomplishment of the tax liabilities, in case of the entered obligatory electronic reporting of 2018.

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group said, that 10 percent of the population will never be "interested in a digital form" and more than five million adults never used the Internet.

The chairman of LITRG Anthony Thomas said: "There are people who just don't want to learn use the Internet, to see its benefits which can give and other people don't want to use because they think that it is unsafe. Also, more and more services progress through online services, such as a capability to make new online requirements of the tax credit as it was announced in Autumn Statement. We convince HM Revenue and Customs and more wider government to look at this electronic development very seriously in the light of our report and to solve problems of real life with which a significant amount of people in Great Britain faces, often are the most vulnerable in society"

Author: Olena Kutova

senior lawyer of the Finance Business Service company

Сергей Панов
managing partner
Finance Business Service