An account for business in a foreign bank February 24
Antonovicha (Gorkogo) Street,72/74 Finance Business Service

An account for business in a foreign bank February 24

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The seminar will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How to build a correct scheme of work with a foreign bank to resolve the complexities of the compliance of the bank?
  • How to resolve the issue of currency regulation and control in Ukraine?
  • What are the consequences of having a foreign account?
  • Is there an alternative to the Baltic banks?
  • Why did die the banking secrecy?
  • How did impact the Panama scandal to work with the banks?
ПSeminar program (duration 1 hour)

New rules of work for foreign banks

1. The order, procedure and terms of opening foreign accounts:

1.1 The package of documents required for opening an account;
1.2 The order of the Due Diligence procedure;
1.3 Declared and real terms of opening an account, why do they often differ?
1.4 Corporate or personal accounts? The consequences of opening personal accounts abroad for a resident of Ukraine.

2. Overview of the world banks which work with Finance Business Service:

2.1 Security ratings of banks in different jurisdictions. Comparison of banks in different countries;
2.2 Baltic and Cypriot banks. The history and secrets of the popularity of these banks;
2.3 The alternative to the “Baltic” banks or European countries that can replace the Baltics;
2.4 Asian banks which actually open accounts. Regional features;
2.5 Investment accounts, who does need them, the threshold requirements for opening an account;
2.6 Offshore banks. Advantages and disadvantages.

3. What should we expect from the new requirements?:

3.1 Method of banks to identify suspicious transactions. Indicators pointing to money laundering. Alternative currency and why European banks do not like the dollars?
3.2 Is there banking secrecy? What information the banks provide to the tax authorities. OECD BEPS FATCA. How do they affect on the banks?
3.3 World BVI Panama scandals, what will banks tell us? The story of how the NBU helps businesses.


24 February 2017
10:00 - 11:00
Price 700 USD
Antonovicha (Gorkogo) Street,72/74 Show on the map
+38 (044) 451-50-50
-418Days -14Hours -56Minutes -27Seconds
Remaining 7 seats out of 7
Yuriy Krasilnikov – Expert on corporate reconfiguration of tax planning, working experience in Big Four, the author of the articles in « Intercourier», «Segodnya», «Fakty» and other editions; the participant of forums and conferences with Adam Smith and Marcus Evans. At the seminar you can ask all your questions and get the answers from the practicing lawyers!!! You’ll get the direct contacts with experts on the area you are interested in.