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Company registration in Peru

Types of companies

Non-residents can open limited liability companies for conducting their business in Peru. They include:

  1. Commercial limited liability companies, corresponding to our LLC;
  2. Corporations:
    • ordinary corporations - (Soc iedad An o nima ordinaria) - with a maximum number of shareholders of 750;
    • anonymous corporations - (Sociedad Anonima Abierta) - without restrictions on the number of shareholders;
    • closed corporations - (Sociedad An o nima Cerrada) - no more than 29 shareholders. This form of ownership has become the most popular among foreign residents of Peru.

Requirements for the company

In order to obtain the right to open a company in Peru, you must have a tourist visa, a government permit for the establishment of the company, as well as a work visa or an investor visa. The minimum amount of a share of each participant of the enterprise is not determined. However, in order to obtain an investor visa it is necessary to own a share of at least 25 thousand US dollars. At the same time, at least 80% of Peruvians must be employed at the enterprise.

In order to open your company in Peru it is necessary:

  • to provide a business plan to the Directorate of Naturalization and Immigration;
  • to get permission to legalize the signature of the owner of the company;
  • to establish the Articles of Association of the enterprise and other constituent documents, and then have them certified by a notary;
  • to pass the procedure of registration of a corporate account in the bank of Peru, to which it is necessary to contribute at least 25% of the authorized capital of the enterprise;
  • to be registered in the Public Register;
  • have a municipal license that is issued by the City Council.
  • a resident card is issued for the managers of the company.

Annual reporting and audit

During the first five years after the registration of small and medium-sized businesses in Peru, foreign owners are required to re-register their company annually.