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Residence permit in Saint Kitts and Nevis: what benefits does the holder of citizenship get?

The state is a member of the British Commonwealth. Saint Kitts and Nevis occupies the territory of two cozy islands located at a distance of about 2 thousand kilometers from Miami. It is clear that here you can enjoy the unique beauty of a paradise tropical resort: the cleanest beaches, azure sea, stunning coral reefs and hospitable people. They speak English, official business is also conducted in this language. This is the country where the East Caribbean Central Bank opened its main office.

The country offers not only a great holiday, although the opportunity to get, for example, from a rainy Kyiv on a hot sandy beach in a few hours is really encouraging. There is a special passport program that allows you to obtain citizenship for a certain contribution to the development of the state. In other words, you can just buy a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport.


The number of people who wish to obtain a Saint-Kitts and Nevis passport today is increasing, as many have appreciated the advantages of the current program. To tell more truly, there are two programs, you can become a citizen of the state:

  • Investing in local real estate at least 450 000 USD, but in practice worthy objects will cost more. In addition, you will have to pay for flights to the country, hire a lawyer, and also spend a certain amount for the payment of compulsory taxes. According to experts, the real minimum is about 700 000 USD. You can get a passport in about a year.
  • Investing in favor of the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (Sugar Fund). In this case, a family of 4 people has to pay a minimum of 300,000 USD. You can obtain citizenship in 3-4 months. The legality of money that will be invested is checked preliminary.
  • Obviously, the second program will enable to get a residence permit faster and cheaper. As for real estate, housing prices rise, but according to the terms of the program, the owner of the Saint Kitts and Nevis passport will not be able to sell property in the next 5 years.

When all conditions are met, an indefinite certificate confirming citizenship is issued and an official passport that is to be replaced after 10 years.


In this case, the second citizenship in a state with a stable economy and the absence of political crises guarantees the possibility of:

  • opening a bank account in Switzerland;
  • travelling around the world without visa restrictions, we mean 131 countries, including the Schengen states and the UK;
  • simplified registration of a 10-year visa to the United States under a special program;
  • profitable work in offshore jurisdiction, in addition, you can relax, visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations at will.

Passport holders are not required to reside on the territory of the country, moreover, the passport will be issued to both the applicant and his family members. The program is quite operational. It’s no secret that the process of obtaining citizenship, for example, in the US, may cost not only money for the investor, but also 6-7 years of life. In St. Kitts and Nevis, everything is simpler, the registration of residence permit for the Sugar Fund investment program will take no more than 4 months. In this case, the applicant for a passport can expect full confidentiality and the minimum number of mandatory visits to the country.