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Presidential Republic
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325 millions

About Bay Bank

In general, the bank’s shares are held by private individuals (about 100), as well as bank employees, top management.

Bank services

Corporate, personal. Accounts are opened only in US dollars.


The US banking system is the largest in the world, it has almost 90,000 bank branches and 371,000 ATMs. As of September 30, 2004, the assets of the US banks were 9.88 trillion US dollars, 5.98 trillion US dollars were issued in view of loans. Banking in the US is more diverse than in most Western countries. Despite the ongoing process of consolidation, there is a fierce competition within this vast banking community, formed by holding companies operating nationwide, dominant regional banks and smaller independent banks.

Documents required for account opening

  • Documents confirming the identity of account managers (certified copies of the passport, driver’s license)
  • Copy of the statutory documents certified by Apostille
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors on opening a bank account
  • Recommendations of other banks or partners of the company
  • Recent bill for utilities (water, gas, electricity, but not a telephone) to confirm your address.
  • Completed application forms for opening bank accounts

Additional Information

  • Minimum requirements:

    Minimum balance is $ 10,000

  • Account type:

    Personal (including numbered), Corporate

  • Account management:

    Personal banker. The system “personally acquainted”

  • Terms of account opening:

    Within two weeks

  • Personal presence:

    The client signs the necessary forms in our office, the documents are sent by courier to the bank and the initial set of documents for opening an account arrives a few days later.