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Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Company registration in Singapore

Requirements for the company

When opening a company in the territory of the Republic of Singapore, the local legislation makes the following requirements for applicants:

  • Mandatory availability of at least one director who must be a resident of Singapore. At the same time, he can be both a natural and a legal person.
  • Obligatory registration of the office with a secretary in the territory of the Republic.
  • Mandatory availability of shareholders in the number of one or more.
  • Original name in English is required, not having similar analogs. In this case, if you use the words Financial Institution, Insurance, Fund management, Bank, University or Chamber of Commerce, it is necessary to coordinate it with the regulatory authorities. The use of the the end Private Limited is also required at the end of the title, or its abbreviated form Pte Ltd.
  • Mandatory availability of the authorized capital in the amount of 1000 Singapore dollars, which is divided into 1000 shares with a face value of 1 Singapore dollar.
  • Type of permissible used shares in the country is exclusively with face value. In Singapore, as in many other jurisdictions, bearer shares are not permitted.

It should also be noted that the legislation allows the use of nominee shareholders and directors, which allows to maintain complete confidentiality for the real owner of the company.

What is included in the price?

  • Certificate of company registration.
  • Minutes of the first meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Articles of Association, certified by a notary with an apostille, as well as three copies of it in English.
  • General (notarized with an apostille) and a special power of attorney (the latest is designed to open a bank account).
  • Certificate of shares for a nominal shareholder.
  • Declaration on Trust and a letter on the transfer of shares.
  • Seal of the company.

Paying a complex of services for the registration of your offshore company in Singapore, you receive the following documentation which is necessary for legal activities in the territory of this state: