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Abu Dhabi
Form of government:
Federal Monarchy
83 600 км2
4 million
Dirham UAE(AED)

Sharjah Media City Free Economic Zone

Features of Sharjah Media City:

  • new free economic zone in the UAE;
  • the main office buildings in the process of construction;
  • relatively low cost of incorporation of the company;
  • possibility of obtaining resident visas;
  • possibility of obtaining an investor’s visa without age restrictions;
  • online discovery without the need for a visa;
  • Sharjah is the world’s largest shopping center;
  • possibility of opening a LLC company type (the company type is similar for onshore companies);
  • free economic zone is located 15 minutes drive from the airport in Dubai and 5 minutes drive from the airport in Sharjah;

Company type in Sharjah Media City:

  • Limited Liability Company - LLC;
  • Representation of an existing company (Branch).

License type in Sharjah Media City:

Service License

The license allows you to create, transform and provide services. The scope of possible services for the companies is quite wide. This includes management services, advertising, marketing, market research, the creation of films, television programs, typographic services, electronics repair, software development.

Trade license

This type of license gives an opportunity to export and import goods, keep and store goods on the territory of the free economic zone;

Production license

This type of license is suitable for the companies that manufacture products from raw materials or process (refine) existing products. The cost of a license depends on the number of Visas received on the company. The minimum cost of a General service license is 11,500 dirhams, and the General trading license costs 16,500 dirhams.

Authorized capital in Sharjah Media City:

  • There is no minimum authorized capital. The amount of the authorized capital depends on the activities of the company;
  • Capital must be divided into shares and paid in full.

Company Director of Sharjah Media City:

Individual directors are allowed on the territory of the free economic zone. At least one director is required for the company, while at least two directors are required for the Public company.

Company Manager in Sharjah Media City:

According to the legislation, when registering a company, a manager is required - he may be one of the shareholders, directors, secretary. There are no requirements for the residence of the manager.

Sharjah Media City Office:

In the free economic zone, there are several opportunities for office space. There is a possibility to rent or rent a shared desk or share office.

Visas for Sharjah Media City:

Every company has the right to a visa. The company can receive up to 6 visas.

Company Reporting in Sharjah Media City:

Each company must keep sufficient records to show and explain each transaction of the company.