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Finance Business Service: professional support of offshore business

The fiscal system in Ukraine, like in most other countries of the Eastern European region, still have enough disadvantages. Moreover, the events of recent years have significantly exacerbated the financial and political instability in the country, which has a very negative impact on business, no matter what level it is. Therefore, many experienced and beginning entrepreneurs aim at stabilizing their business by using offshore schemes. Such actions have long been used by the world’s leading companies, which confirms their effectiveness. Among the main advantages that the use of offshore schemes opens, first of all, it is necessary to note the following:

  • Reliability and stability of the political and financial environment, allowing to secure your business maximally.
  • Legal reduction of tax payments (in some cases this indicator is reduced to zero).
  • Provision of various benefits, including such conditions as obtaining a residence permit, profitable lending, opening bank accounts in any financial structures of the planet.
  • Maximum confidentiality of information, which is primarily manifested in the preservation of data on the real owner.

In order to make all these points fully implemented, a competent professional approach to the opening, registration of an offshore company is required. These services are provided by the experts of the company Finance Business Service. High level of qualification and solid experience in this field help us to analyze the situation with maximum precision in each individual case. Therefore, our employees will always unambiguously choose an offshore jurisdiction for you, considering all the requirements, provide the necessary recommendations for the opening of an offshore company, and also help to conduct the registration of an offshore company in the Seychelles, BVI, Bahrain and any other state included in the lists of offshore, onshores, midshore or countries with a high level of financial and political stability.

Offshore firm - legal instrument for successful business

The country with the preferential and often zero tax collection scheme becomes the offshore zone. The following types are possible:

Requirement under the agency scheme

The onshore company must meet a number of requirements that ultimately determine the “efficiency” of the scheme. The essence of these in the following:

  • Classical offshore zone: Seychelles, Belize, Saint Vincent, Panama, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenadines. These are economically stable jurisdictions, where industry is not very developed. The companies registered in the territory of such states do not have to pay profit tax, since it is replaced with a fixed fee. Another advantage is that the implementation of audit monitoring and the submission of financial reports are not required.
  • Low level of taxation is presented in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Singapore and Iceland. There are situations when it is impossible or undesirable to register a company in a classical offshore zone. Then you can take advantages of business prospects in one of the above countries. It is not necessary to pay taxes in this case, as well as filing financial statements. Of course, it requires more responsibility and the price of such a company will be more expensive than in the classical zone.
  • Offshore zones with a high level of taxation are considered, for example, Austria and Switzerland. The reduction of the tax burden in this case will not be so significant, but the company will be able to gain a significant reputation in the world market, as these countries are prestigious for business development.

Schemes of offshore use

On choosing an offshore scheme, it is important to consider all the nuances and use the potential opportunities the most effectively. In many respects, this will depend on the objectives of the activity, as well as the sphere in which the company operates. In addition, it is worth taking into account the norms of domestic legislation. A reasonably considered scheme will become a pledge of profitable business.

Offshore company is a successful solution for the owner of business in any field. This is an effective tool for those ones who want to make the most of legal opportunities in order to optimize tax planning, protect and consolidate assets, and insure against instability.

Finance Business Service - we offer the best

As practice shows, dubious registration agents have become active in the market, that disappear after receiving payment, refuse to provide a full package of documents, do not fulfill their obligations on registration and other services. We advise you not to risk your money and personally make sure of the agent’s competence before trusting him to solve an important task.

The experts of Finance Business Service have been assisting businessmen to become the owners of offshore companies for more than a year and to take all advantage of working in this demanded and promising segment.

We have sufficient experience in this field and constantly “keep abreast”, monitoring changes in the current legislation of Ukraine. Therefore, our clients can always count on exhaustive answers to all related issues and qualified consultations. The full package of documents required to open an offshore bank account is made directly in the office.

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