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The ready-made offshore. Purchase of offshore

Purchase ofthe ready-made offshore is profitable for those who has a necessity to start their business as soon as possible, as you can obtain a full and ready-to-use documentary package at the day of your request and you can immediately open a bank account or sign the supply contracts etc.

In increasing frequency the offshore companies draw the businessmen because of political stability and low taxes. Thinking about how to raise their business to a new level it is necessary to pay attention to the opportunity of the offshore purchase.

The ready-made offshore is already registered, active company. It is easier and faster to buy offshore than to register a new company.

The offshore purchase: advantages and disadvantages

The offshore purchase has a diversity of advantages:

  • the ready-made offshore may become an image factor in cooperating with contractors. You can buy an offshore made some years ago. Bought ready-made offshore will add some solidity to your business in contrast to the recently made company;
  • the offshore purchase allows you to start your business immediately. You can buy an offshore during 1 day, so you become a competent offshore company owner and you can open a bank account or sign the contracts.

The offshore purchase is connected with some risk:

  • the ready-made offshore may have some debts – unpaid customs and dues; it is not profitable to buy such kind of offshore because you will have to settle accounts;
  • it is dangerous to buy offshore using the unchecked registering clerk because there can be opened accounts or company was used earlier (The offshore purchase can be connected not only with some risk, but it also can threaten your image, if the ready-made offshore had already appeared in financial contracts).

The decision of purchasing an offshore is a responsible step that is able to move your business on to new footing. Besides the offshore purchase gives you an opportunity to choose the tax level zone that is appropriate for you. The ready-made offshore in the jurisdiction that is eligible for your company let you to cooperate with foreign companies and keep your money in stable banks.

The Finance Business Service policy on the offshore purchase matters

You can buy an offshore in the Finance Business Service in the shortest possible time. One of advantages in purchasing a ready-made offshore is confidentiality.

Applying to registering clerks, clients don’t spend much time on searching the information about the company that offers to buy an offshore. The hidden danger can be the site where supposed ready-made offshores will be presented in open access. Somebody sees there some advantage: it is an opportunity for you to buy an offshore with a proper name, looking through the proposed ready-made offshore list. Here it is important to take into account the accessibility of this information – the potential contractors or the banks where you may open an account after purchasing can use it too. The information about purchasing a ready-made offshore will be not good for your image. Our policy is next: the ready-made offshore list will become available when you decide to buy an offshore.

How can one purchase an offshore? What documents are needed for purchasing an offshore?

You need to contact our managers to buy an offshore. You will be given all needed information for purchasing an offshore: jurisdictions, ready-made offshore names, constituent documents of the ready-made offshores.

Actually you can buy an offshore with the FBS in half an hour. When buying an offshore it is possible to make some changes to the constituent documents at your desire. You’ll give us the published data to buy an offshore, following which the documents will be validated and you will become the ready-made offshore owner.