Бизнес и деофшоризация

In itself, the concept of deoffshorization emerged relatively recently and it was first suggested by Alexander Sergeyevich Zakharov, the famous Russian expert in the field of tax law, 22 May of 2013.

Under the "deoffshorization" term decided to take a process consisting of a set of measures, which holds a State legislative, information and law enforcement areas to reduce or eliminate the residents under the guise of foreign persons or using foreign legal constitution, which are involved in the national economic turnover, and primarily pursues illegal or dishonest purpose.

Globally deoffshorization occurred against the backdrop of OffshoreLeaks project that presented the Consortium together with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) Journalistic Investigations (ICIJ) in 2013. This project has caused a huge scandal in the public and put the confidentiality of offshore companies Region registered before 2010. Journalists have never previously worked with such a huge volume of data leakage. Studies have shown a rare example of how a global industry together with law firms and various companies and the largest, global banks secretly manage the assets of the rich and famous people around the world. It was the global business world that could exist only in the shadows, hidden from all the stares.

All sorts of businesses have sought to protect their companies from enemies and raiding; someone to maintain their privacy or to achieve tax optimization, someone set up a joint venture with a foreign partner or to conduct charitable activities, but most of the services of registering offshore companies are those who simply want to get away from taxation and thus save on taxes. This affected not only the politicians, celebrities or entrepreneurs, but also for non-payment of taxes and the scandal had attracted global brands such as Google, Apple or Starbucks.

Of course, many governments under the watchful eye of the public immediately responded to it. With such disturbing the minds of iniquity, deofshorizatsiya is a single way of dealing with the minimization of taxation. Currently is conducted a violent fight with offshore companies and the tightening of the rules of registration and submission of documents to the tax authorities.

Let us hope that, starting in 2017 will earn automatic exchange of information in accordance with accepted common standards (Common Reporting Standards), which enables financial institutions to collect information on the tax status of the Company and the beneficiaries of all their customers, and shall enter into force requirement to provide reports to the tax authorities and for multinational companies.

For businessmen, using offshore companies will develop new criteria that will be evaluated by their resident status, and almost no trading will be used.

Entrepreneurs still have time to prepare their corporate structures to the automatic exchange. We hope that in the future will demand of reporting companies from jurisdictions that in the event that will not be afraid of disclosure and easily be able to confirm their tax status. Despite the fact that the perpetrators rather difficult to prosecute, to completely eliminate or prohibit offshore unlikely, and whether it is necessary, it is wiser to create such business conditions, under which a resident is not a desire to withdraw their money and they will not be afraid to keep their property in their home country.

We believe only in a lawful, honest and conscientious business.